Lorena Cabral

Lorena “Laurie” joined our team in 2022. Lorena holds a BA degree in Cellular Neuroscience from Florida Atlantic University. She is fluent in English and Spanish and provides outstanding customer service in her role as Front Office Administrator.

Carl Keister

Carl has been with the firm since 2017 and has an extensive background in tax preparation. Carl holds a bachelor’s degree in Professional Accountancy from Pennsylvania State University. He has been in accounting and finance since 2000. His previous experience as a public accounting auditor combined with his knowledge of personal income tax which he


Oliver began his career in 2020 as the Chief Emotional Support Officer. Although he mainly works remotely, he does come into the office for corporate and morale boosting events. He is responsible for providing a stress-free environment and ensures that no paperclip, rubber band, staple or any other item is left on the floor. His

Christine McCoy

Christine has been in our bookkeeping department since 2021. She joined the firm with an extensive background as an accounting assistant in various industries which has proven to be an asset to our varied corporate clients for whom she prepares monthly financials. In addition, she prepares payroll and sales tax returns, and continues to grow

Sici Weinstock

Sici joined the firm in 2014. Her roles have included administration and marketing. As the firm’s Marketing Director, Sici works diligently in providing direction and guidance in all aspects of marketing.

Edward Antochi

Edward joined our team in 2014, aiding small business owners with their accounting needs. Edward holds a Bachelor of Business Administration / Accounting and Management Information Systems degree from AI Cuza University. He is fluent in English and Romanian and has extensive experience in personal and corporate tax returns. In addition, as head of the

Bryn Wilkins

Bryn joined the firm in 2015 with an extensive background in executive administration. During her tenure, she has taken on a variety of corporate responsibilities. As a result of her dedication to the advancement of the company, Bryn was promoted to Chief Operating Officer where she continues to use creative vision and excellent insight into

Nicki Jordan

Nicki has been a dedicated member of our team since 2002. Nicki has grown from front-line office support to one of the essential elements of our staff. Since 2005 she has been one of our dedicated tax return preparers specializing in individual, corporate and partnership tax returns.

Jay Fischer, EA

Jay is the president and CEO of Legacy Financial Services. He has been active in the accounting field since 1989 when he joined his father’s tax accounting practice. After joining the company, Jay became instrumental in growing the business. With decades of experience in corporate and personal tax return preparation and as an Enrolled Agent,